Frisco League Math Contest

posted May 6, 2019, 6:30 AM by Brandi Smith
FRISCO LEAGUE MATH CONTEST WINNERS! For the second year in a row, Licking's high school students who won 1st Place in the Frisco League Math Contest! In the Algebra 1 category, Syeira Tomery, Krysta Joyner, and Randall Hock all competed with Krysta placing 4th and Randall winning 1st place. In the Consumer and Technical Math category, Tori Porter won 3rd place. Nevaeh Neal, Lizzy Lewis, and Kaleigh Fox all competed in the Geometry category with Lizzy placing 7th and Kaleigh placing 4th. Another 1st Place win this year went to Isaac Haden, this time in Algebra 2. Helping the team effort was Richelle Schwarz who won 3rd in the Free-for-All category. And finally, taking yet another 1st place gold medal (this time in the Trigonometry and Logarithms division) was Tyler Chambers. It was a fun evening, and bringing home the 1st Place trophy again was pretty sweet! Congratulations to all who competed!

Mrs. Beckett, Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Holmes