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FBLA Members Perform at District 14 Conference

posted Feb 9, 2018, 8:53 AM by Brandi Smith   [ updated Feb 9, 2018, 8:54 AM ]

On Friday, FBLA Members performed at and participated in our District 14 Conference at MSU - West Plains. Normally, we have 5-8 individuals who advance to State level competition... To kick off FBLA Week and Career and Technical Month, we have at least 17 students in 22 tests and 2 performances advancing to State Competition the 8th through 10th of April (students who dominated in three events will give up one as each student may only advance in two entries)! Those advancing as we know now are:

Kevin Kaufman
1st in Insurance and Risk Management and 1st in Journalism and 1st in Securities and Investments                                    
Tyler Chambers 2nd in Computer Problem Solving and 3rd in Cyber Security and 3rd in Networking Concepts
Sara Taber 1st in Impromptu Speaking and 5th in Organizational Leadership
Isaac Haden 2nd Introduction to Information Technology and 3rd in Computer Problem Solving
Eli Keeney 2nd in Introduction to Business Procedures and 5th in Introduction to Business
Dalton Hart 5th in Computer Problem Solving and 5th in Networking Concepts
Keely Crossgrove and Lane Mesger 1st in Marketing
Anjeni Morrell 2nd in Accounting I
Seth Overall 2nd in Networking Concepts
Haley Burrus 3rd in Accounting I
Athena Hood 3rd in Journalism
Skylor Wilson 3rd in Securities and Investments
Chase Farris 4th in Securities and Investments
Maddie Moloney 5th in Business Law
Reece Derrickson 5th in Securities and Investments
Sean Jacobs Wildcard in Introduction to Information Technology

Other competitors receiving special recognition and awards for the top 5 at districts:
Keely Crossgrove, Chelsea Hawkins, and Kathy Lewis 2nd in Social Media Campaign
Chase Farris and Ashley Harrison 3rd in Digital Video Production
Josh Lilly, Michael Milhizer, Kaden Quick 3rd in Entrepreneurship
Reece Derrickson, Cainan Hutsell, and Connor Medlock 3rd in Sports and Entertainment Management
Athena Hood 3rd in Public Speaking
Isaac Haden and Sean Jacobs 3rd in Website Design
Kayla Revelle 4th in Spreadsheet Applications
Haley Burrus 5th in Spreadsheet Applications and 5th in Word Processing
Kalee Brazier and Hannah Tillery 5th in Hospitality Management
Hannah Tillery 5th in Introduction to Public Speaking

Finally, additional competitors placed in the Top 10 in their respective events:

Cainan Hutsell 6th in Business Law
Mitzi Freeman 6th in Computer Applications
Skylor Wilson 6th in Word Processing and 10th in Journalism
Ashley Harrison 7th in Business Communication
Seth Overall 7th in Computer Problem Solving
Raegan Campbell 7th in Healthcare Administration and 7th in Insurance and Risk Management and 8th in Journalism
Abby Cole 7th in Introduction to Business
Sammi Ellsworth 7th in Intro to Business Procedures
Eli Keeney 7th in Introduction to Information Technology
Bridgette Hart 7th in Networking Concepts
Michael Milhizer 7th in Securities and Investments
Addie Williams 8th in Networking Concepts
Hunter Krewson 8th in Computer Applications
Sean Jacobs 8th in Computer Problem Solving
Haley Long 8th in Healthcare Administration
Katie Kinder 9th in Business Law
Josh Lilly 9th in Cyber Security
Kaylee Little 9th in Healthcare Administration
Anjeni Morrell 9th in Introduction to Financial Math
Keely Crossgrove 9th in Journalism

Congratulations Future Business Leaders!! Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment!

Mrs. Hutsell