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Library of Congress: Veterans History Project

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Mayflower History Web Pages

Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Web pages include a vast collection of transcribed documents, historical information, and myth-busting material. Teachers may need to choose among the resources to find those best suited for their students.

Wampanaog History

This Wampanoag History site provides in-depth details on the Wampanoag including their language, where they lived, names of subtribes and historical and cultural information.

The Wampanoag

The Boston Children's Museum and Wampanoag Indian Advisors work together to create and maintain this site that details the history, culture, and heritage of the Wampanoag Indians. The extensive site include images of present-day Wampanoag as well as audio files of their stories and details on their heritage.

Modern History Sourcebook

These excerpts from the Modern History Sourcebook provide the text for "From History of Plymouth Plantation" by William Bradford.

The First Thanksgiving: Facts and Fancies

The First Thanksgiving: Facts and Fancies is a part of the Web site of the Plimoth Plantation. The page details many myths with links to additional information.

Education World

This Education World site asks, "Are You Teaching the Real Story of the 'First Thanksgiving'?" The site includes details on the pilgrims and Wampanoag, stereotypes, and teaching suggestions.

"No Popcorn"

The Plimoth Plantation proclaims "No Popcorn!" This page outlines the fictional start to the myth that the Wampanoag brought popcorn to the "First Thanksgiving," explaining who began the myth, how the story spread, and why the myth is not believable.