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FAFSA opening October 1st

Students can file a 2017-2018 FAFSA as early as Oct. 1, 2016. This is a permanent change and will allow students to complete their applications before the start of the new year. Beginning with the 2017-2018 FAFSA, students and families will report their 2015 income information. This is a switch from the past when the application required financial information from the previous year. That means most income information should not change from students’ 2016-2017 FAFSA. The most important part is to file as early as possible, as priority deadlines for state-funded programs such as the Access Missouri grant is now Feb. 1, 2017, and Missouri State’s deadline for limited-availability funding was pushed up to match.

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Tips on How to Get Scholarships
Advice to Students from Finanical Aid Professionals



Ten Golden Rules for Winning Scholarships
Advice from

  1. Start Early - Start looking your Junior Year. Many scholarship have early deadlines.
  2. Speak with your high school counselor or scholarship advisor.
  3. If you are a volunteer or active in community service, school, or religious group, ask the advisor, sponsor, or benefactor about scholarships.
  4. Check out online sources.
  5. Read Application Requirements.
  6. Follow instructions explicitly.
  7. Tailor your application essay to the sponsoring organization. Resist sending a standard essay with simple name change.
  8. Proofread your application carefully - Errors can result in quick denial.
  9. Be Active - Student leaders and those active in athletics, clubs and community service are more likely to win college scholarships.
  10. Maintain your GPA - Keep your grades up. A minimum GPA is required for many scholarships. Strong academic performances will make you eligible for more scholarship opportunities.

Do you need a letter of recommendation?

From time to time, you may need a letter of recommendation for a college admission, scholarship, or employment. Do not simply ask someone to provide such a letter. Be Proactive! Provide the person from whom you desire a recommendation with enough information to write a good one.
Use this fillable document on "How to Secure a Letter of Recommendation"

How to Get a Letter of Recommendation


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