Counseling Staff

Joann Keeney

Counselor Grades 10-12
A+ Coordinator
Curriculum Coordinator


Sharida Green

Counselor Grades 7-9 
District Test Coordinator
Special Education Coordinator

Donna Dunlap

Counselor's Secretary

Contact Information

125 College Avenue
Licking, MO 66542
Phone: (573) 674-2711 | Fax: (573) 674-4421

2019-2020 Graduation Requirements

25 Credits Required for Graduation

Subject Area No. of Credits Required Courses
Communication Arts 4.0 Language Arts I (1.0)
Language Arts II (1.0)
Mathematics 3.0 Algebra I (1.0)
Science 3.0 Biology (1.0)
Social Studies 3.0 American Government (1.0)
American History (1.0)
Fine Arts 1.0
Practical Arts 1.0
Physical Education 1.0 Required Course
Health 0.5 Required Course
Personal Finance 0.5 Required Course
Electives* 8.0
    *Courses from other subject areas that exceed the required amount of credits for that area will be converted to electives to fulfill this requirement.

Transcript Requests

    Colleges & Universities must have a high school transcript before you can officially be accepted. To request a transcript to be sent, please do the following:
  • Seniors: Write the college name and mailing address on a transcript request form and give to Mrs. Keeney or Mrs. Dunlap.
  • LHS alumni: Please call the High School Office at (573) 674-2711. If no answer during the summer, please call the Superintendent's Office at (573) 674-2911. We will need the name of the college or university and mailing address for us to be able to process your request.