Drama Club

Cast of the fall production "Larceny and Old Lace".

2017-2018 Drama Club


Felicia Ellis

Drama Club

All students from 7-12 are welcome and invited to join Drama Club.  We do many activities in class, but also have after school activities for club members.  Drama club goes to two productions every semester.  This semester we went to a drama workshop and saw Twelfth Night at MSU.  We are still deciding what to go see this semester.  Drama club members are also invited to audition for parts in our Fall and Spring productions, and participate in the ESU Shakespeare Competition, which is coming up on Jan. 17.

The Spring Play for Licking High School is Cast!!

Our spring production, “The Southfield Stories” is a contemporary take on The Canterbury Tales. It is a play about storytelling with imaginations running wild! As nine travelers wait in the rain for their bus, another arrives and invites the travelers into her home to wait in the warmth. To pass the time, they decide to have a story telling contest. Like Canterbury Tales, each traveler tells a story that shows what the traveler is really like, their worldviews and what they really value. As we listen to the stories, they are acted out by members of the drama class! The stories range from baseball teams to a poem-reciting chicken!!

Students have been rehearsing every day for several weeks, and are creating the set, finding costumes and doing all the other million and one tasks necessary to create a successful production We hope you will come and support our young actors and see this exciting and dramatic production on April 13 and 14 at 8:00 p.m. in the Jr. High gym. Tickets are $4 in advance and $5 at the door and can be purchased from any cast or crew member or at the door. Licking High School Drama Department invites you to come and see “The Southfield Stories”.

                        Rehearsal in the Green room